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8:45-9:25am PT

Delivering Quality at Speed with GitOps

Today it’s all about delivering velocity without compromising on quality, yet it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to keep up with the challenges of current release management and traditional operations. That’s why Kubernetes, the first Cloud Native Cloud Foundation (CNCF) project, is the fastest growing project with the highest adoption rate in the history of Open Source software.
In this session, Brice will discuss these industry challenges, including current CICD trends and how they’re converging with operations and monitoring. He’ll also illustrate the GitOps model, identify best practices and tools to use, and explain how you can benefit from adopting this methodology inherited from best practices going back 10-15 years.

Brice Fernandes

Brice fell in love with programming while studying physics and never really looked back since. He has a broad technology background that covers everything from embedded C to backendless browser apps using the trendiest javascript frameworks. He now spends his time helping companies make the most of Kubernetes.