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1:50-2:30pm PT

A case study: PCI compliance in containerized environments

Gridspace operates a massively scaled Kubernetes cluster for analyzing human conversational speech. This cluster in 2018 analyzed over two millennia of conversations. The majority of this data falls under the PCI DSS rules for data protection. In this talk, we discuss the challenges of a bringing a modern deployment consisting of containerized machine learning services deployed in a scaled Kubernetes environment up to the credit card industry security standards. We will cover the challenges with translating legacy best practices and requirements in the lens of state of the art deployments.

Anthony Scodary

Anthony is a Co-Founder of Gridspace, an artificial intelligence company which analyzes long-form human conversations. Anthony previously worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He was the instrument engineer for the REMS and APXS instruments on the Curiosity Mars rover from development through surface operations.