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3:30-4:00pm PT

Get Enlightened: Visibility into Multi-Cloud Environments across your Cloud Native Stack

How can you get a full view of your cloud native landscape, across various cloud providers, stack platforms and services that your company uses everyday? Cloud Discovery is an open source tool that provides point in time enumeration of all the cloud native platform services, such as container registries, managed Kubernetes platforms, and serverless services used across your cloud providers, accounts, and regions. Its a powerful tool for audit and security practitioners that want a simple way to discover all the ‘unknown unknowns’ across environments without having to manually login to multiple provider consoles, click through many pages, and manually export the data.

Cloud Discovery is extensible and can be used to support any provider that is discoverable via RESTful APIs. This allows for simple integration and interoperability, which can form the core of a sophisticated compliance and monitoring solution that integrates with existing tooling and workflows that DevOps and security teams already have. Cloud Discovery is available as both source and a ready-to-run container image, so that you can get visibility into your cloud environments today.

Sonya Koptyev

Sonya Koptyev is the Director of Evangelism at Twistlock. Sonya worked on building the Office developer community and the Microsoft AI developer community and bringing the latest in bleeding edge technologies into the hands of developers. As part of Twistlock, Sonya is looking to bring the world of secure cloud native development into the hands of every developer.